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No Freetime Radio 108: All Good Things…

Posted by nintendofreeradio in Episode 108

This would've come out earlier if this week wasn't out to kill the editor.

Multiple sleepless nights all lead to this.

New Business: Kirby Star Allies, Detective Pikachu, a warning about Radiant Historia PC, a Minit to win it, Nioh, and the obligatory Monster Hunter World segment with a surprising guest.

Whatcha Watchin': Sherlock Gnome, Pacific Rim 2, Attack on Titan S2, My Hero One's Justice, Tomb Raider 2018, Waking Sleeping Beauty

Feature: News catchup

Mushrooms: Channel Crap, price drops, THQ spends a year dead for tax reasons, Stephen goes Pro

Recording date: April 8
Editor: Donald
Next episode: Send us stuff so we don't have to wing it.


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