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No Freetime Radio 105: Your Android Waifu Is Crap

Posted by nintendofreeradio in delayed, Episode 105

Not recommend for fans of Mularkey, robots, or piling dirt on the 3DS.

New Business: Monster Hunter World (we can just pencil this in until PAX West), Switchmas, Never Stop Sneakin', Nier Automata, and Persona 5.

Whatcha Watchin': Collective pass. It'll be back with a vengeance for 106 (even Donald might get in on it).

Feature: Counting down the top 5 games we were hyped for. We know one list is way different now.

Mushrooms: The disqualification of Fire Pro Wrestling World by the coward Brad Shoemaker, ARMS is selling better than we thought, and someone had to "work" on Christmas Day.

Recording date: January 7
Editor: Donald
Next time: Look, Smithers! Labo is coming! (Also Detective Pikachu and the Direct.)
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