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No Freetime Radio 103: The Trouble With GOTY

Posted by nintendofreeradio in Episode 103

At least Donald called Campo Santo appearing.

New Business: Pokémon Ultra Sun, Battle Chef Brigade (Donald), Cat Quest, Farpoint (Stephen), more Breath of the Wild, Batman and Hand of Fate (Austen)

Whatcha Watchin': Desert Bus For Hope (Donald), Tiger and Bunny (Stephen), Justice League Action (Austen)

Feature discussion: We preview the Game Awards and PSX, and how naive we were.

Back of the book: Politicians quote Star Wars, two positive mentions for Sega, and screw the Steam Controller

But, Plugs: We talked Terranigma; you can grab it here (along with the rest of the show) or here

Recording date: November 26
Editor: Donald
Next time: Austen's on better (?) internet


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