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Episode 100: Goodbye, Farewell and HOLD IT

Posted by nintendofreeradio in Episode 100

The only thing missing from this momentous episode is a Brass Bonanza.

Somehow, against all logic, we've reached 100 episodes of Nintendo Free Radio. So it's roundabout time for some changes. In New Business, it's a group chat as for Mushroom-related reasons all three members of the team snagged SNES Classics, and between them managed to play a full third of the lineup. Donald picks up with Culdcept Revolt on the 3DS, before Stephen tries his hand at virtual head formation and also busts out the Super Scope VR... er, the Farpoint controller. Austen's big ones for this episode are the last Microsoft published title not to be loot boxed to hell in Cuphead, and in time for Dishonored Halloween his return to the world of Dishonored 2.

Whatcha Watchin' serves as a nice summary of our collective tastes. Stephen brings the sci-fi with Seth MacFarlane's Orville, which should probably last a bit longer than every show Fox greenlit between cancelling and reinstating Family Guy. Austen goes superheroic with Best Picture nominee Wonder Woman, while Donald represents the anime faction with a few rounds of Code Geass.

The Feature discussion is two parts, as we are keeping the show going under a new name that you'll probably see on our Twitter account, before doing the traditional look back at some of the highs and lows of production. Even the Mushrooms have a theme, as traditional punching bags of trade shows, Square Enix and recent foe Amazon come around for a good pillorying along with the continued ineptitude of PlayStation Network (seventy bucks a year!).

We'll be back with you soon and will let you know when the email address change goes through, but for now we'll forward all the mail sent to the old address.

This podcast was recorded on October 2 and was edited by Donald Theriault.


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