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Nintendo Free Radio Episode 10: Great Moments In Trolling

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With no less than two announcements that will shake Nintendo World Report to its very foundations.

Nintendo Free Radio reaches double digits, which is quite frankly eight episodes more than anyone thought they'd survive, with another whopper of an episode. Donald kicks off New Business with impressions of Crashmo, the 3DS eShop puzzler with a 270-degree difficulty curve, and looks forward to some of 2013's action games with Bayonetta (360) and the demo of the Ninja Theory-helmed Devil May Cry reboot (PS3) before keeping the combo alive with DS import (unless you're in Europe) Jam With The Band. Austen jumps in next to save the planet from meteors, tsunamis and bearorrists with Disaster: Day of Crisis (Wii) and activates Sly Cooper's Beast Mode in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale (PS3/Vita). Stephen finishes with more Wii U impressions, ranging from the joy of flying balloons in NintendoLand to gliding as a squirrel in New Super Mario Bros U and blasting away with the twin-stick goodness of NanoAssault Neo (brief impressions of ZombiiU also included).

The mania of Now Posted leads into the traditional Whatcha Watchin', joined partway through by NWR review domo Andy Goergen. Stephen's opening salvo is a Deep Space Nine update (yes, another one), Amazing Spider-Man, Strawberry Shortcake (for the kids), Arthur's Christmas and Rescue Bots, Andy brings impressions of Parks and Recreation and the final season of The Office, Austen gets economic with C - Control: The Money and Soul of Possibility (a show halfway down the Laffer curve), and Donald bears all after watching A Garfield Christmas. The Feature Discussion is more fun with Wii U, as the four discuss media reaction to Nintendo's new console and whether the haters may have a point. Finally, the Mushrooms get an extra dose of poison this week thanks to rule 34 on cords and certain sporting decisions, but also get 1up'd with tales of great customer service.

With the end of the year coming up, the show will be taking a break, but not before an end of the year show for the ages! Keep an eye on the host Twitter feeds (@DonaldMick, @cericme and @broodwars64) for more information on what and when it will all go down, and send your ideas by email to - also, be sure to check out Andy's Etsy store ( if you need a last minute Christmas gift idea!

This show was edited by Stephen Shook. All music used under Fair Use permission.


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