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Nintendo Free Radio E3 2015: Part 2

Posted by nintendofreeradio in E3 2015

So E3 happened, despite our best efforts, and so we gathered to talk about it. And we went late into the night. Like, Donald was still recording at 2:30am local time. We were joined by Travis Broady (@trbroady) to go over our bulk predictions, so we've got so much the show had to be split into two parts. Please make sure you have both.

In the first part, we cover off Oculus, Nintendo's super Sunday, and then the US based press conferences: Bethesda, Microsoft and EA. Much blood, sweat and Pele ensued.

Following the break, it's the foreign representation of Ubisoft, Sony, Nintendo and Square-Enix - though really, the Sony conference was replaced by a prominent internet messageboard that's not NWR's.

We also cover off the predictions and just what we want as well as some quick listener mail before we give our final grades. But there's so much here, we didn't even get a chance to cover the Nindies@Home or the PC conference, and one of them we actually wanted to.

Once regular service resumes, we'd love to hear what you thought of E3. So send us an email, tweet @nfrpodcast or leave a comment below.

This podcast was recorded on June 19/20 and was edited by Donald Theriault and Austen Parkin. The Explicit tag is well-earned.

NFR E3 2015 Part 1

Posted by nintendofreeradio in E3 2015

This is a dummy post for the website. Full details in part 2.


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