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Nintendo Free Radio E3 2013 Main Event

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Is there any hope left for the gaming industry? Only the #PS4NoDRM knows

When we last left our intrepid heroes, Donald was ready to ragequit the entire industry... could Nintendo or Sony save the day? After a recap of post-E3 Microsoft hilarity (most of which is now  invalid thanks to 8:1 preorder ratios and the United States armed forces), the crew dives into the Sony press event. Needless to say, one five minute period saved everything, but did another five minute period cost Sony some PS4 controller sales? And how many press conferences contain Tesla coil shotguns AND Octodad?

Before moving onto Nintendo, you'll hear from Nintendo World Report community manager JP Corboran on his E3 thoughts. Much money will be spent, and many copies of FIFA will be purchased. Also, if you don't like Mario 3D World, you're a communist and a fascist.

Finally, it comes to Nintendo, in a segment plagued with as many technical issues as the Nintendo Direct itself was. Megatons are discussed, tears are shed over Retro's choice to take another run at Donkey Kong instead of lowering themselves to Metroid (That's enough - Ed) and everyone loses their mind over X, except Stephen who, you can probably tell, was crazy by this section anyway. Nintendo couldn't win E3, but did they at least try for the silver?

The team will reconvene in a few days to get over their own E3 hangovers, and are looking forward to your comments - send them by email to or leave them here. Until next time, #DealWithIt.

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